Tango 2001 (1973)

As I started watching this movie, I thought, “This is the exact kind of movie Mondo Macabro would put out.” Which makes sense, because it was volume one in their Greek Collection.

The Tango Club is where the swinging characters of this movie spend their tome. There’s Rosita (Dorothy Moore, who is one other movie, another Greek giallo Death Kiss), who uses drugs and her womanly wiles to get Joanna (Erika Raffael, Four Dimensions of Greta) into bed. Stathis (Lakis Komninos, using the boring Western name Larry Daniels) reacts to this as no man before or since has. He flips out and beats both of them, killing Rosita. Things are just starting, trust me.

Meanwhile, rich voyeur Joachim is filming the killer while he brings home other women from the club. And then there’s Joachim, who was impotent until he discovered the dead body of Rosita and now, he’s in love.

We covered Dangerous Cargo, another Kostas Karagiannis movie, a few weeks ago. Needless to say, this movie makes that one look tame by comparison. Drugs, fuzzy psychedelic music, rampant nudity, sex, murder, gratuitous dance numbers and all manner of perversion, including romantic fantasies between the living and the dead abound. Yep, this one has something for every member of the family.

You can order this from Mondo Macabro.

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