Driven (2019)


Emerson Graham (Casey Dillard, who also wrote the film) has lost her lover, her friends and even her motivation to be a stand-up comedienne. Now, she spends her nights as a cab driver, but on this fateful night, a mysterious passenger named Roger (a welcomed Richard Speight Jr., Gabriel from TV’s Supernatural) gets her involved with his battle against the demonic curse against his family.

Basically, this is a movie between two actors for a good chunk of the film, shot within Emerson’s rideshare car during a four hour period. I really liked how the demonic parts of this movie just sneak up on you. I’d done no reading about the film before starting to watch it and it really surprised me. I was hooked the whole way through.

I really enjoyed how the romantic parts of the partnership between the leads was played down. This is more about the battle to save the world — and their parts in it, too — than anything else. It was pretty realistic, for a movie where demons are possessing people, that is.

Driven arrives on-demand (Amazon) and on DVD on June 16 from Uncork’d Entertainment. You can learn more about the works of Glenn Payne at his official site. You can also ad-stream the film for free on Tubi.

Driven is the sixth feature film by Glenn Payne, a founding member of the improvisational comedy troupe West of Shake Rag based out of Tupelo, Mississippi. He’s currently in post-production on his seventh film, the horror-thriller, Killer Concept, due in 2021. He’s also written and directed the impressive against-the-budget science fiction set piece, Earth Rise (2014; also on Tubi), about the effects of space travelers on the way to Mars.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team.

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