In Dreams (1999)

Neil Jordan has flirted with horror throughout his career, with movies like High SpiritsInterview With a Vampire and The Company of Wolves. This film is closer to psychological horror, with a mother feeling a psychic connection to a serial killer of young children. If it had more fashion in it, it could very nearly be a giallo.

Claire Cooper (Annette Benning) is an illustrator and mother who keeps dreaming if an underwater city and the murder of a young girl, which just might be a premonition of the sudden disappearance and death of her daughter Rebecca. The police won’t listen when she starts to grow mentally closer to the man she believes has killer her girl, Vivian Thompson (Robert Downey Jr.).

This movie is based on the book Doll’s Eyes by Bari Wood. The same author also wrote Twins, the book that David Cronenberg adapted as Dead Ringers.

I love the underwater city parts of this movie — shot in the same tank as Titanic — and the total downer of an ending. The difference between an artist like Jordan or a maniac like Martino or Lenzi means that I would love if this movie had been shot in 1975 with Mimsy Farmer in it way more than the actual movie, but that’s my “in dreams.”

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