High Spirits (1988)

Peter Plunkett is the owner of an Irish castle that’s seen better days. However, it’s the only employment for many of the local villagers. But now, he’s in debt to an Irish-American businessman named Brogan, so Plunkett has one last plan: to transform it into the most haunted castle in Europe. That means making ghost costumes for everyone that works there, but the truth is that the castle is more spectrally challenged than Plunkett could have ever dreamed.

The guests that come to stay, like Jack (Steve Guttenberg), Sharon (Beverly D’Angelo), get to meet the real ghosts of Castle Plunkett: Mary Plunkett (Daryl Hannah) and Martin Brogan (Liam Neeson). Even more, Mary and Jack fall for one another, as do Martin and Sharon.

Sean Connery was originally going to star in this but dropped out and his role as Plunkett was replaced with Peter O’Toole, who is perfectly cast.

Writer and director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) was excluded from the editing process of the final cut and insists that his version of the film has never seen the light of day. What did emerge is a strange film, which at times is comedic and at others — like when the sea monster attacks on stage — can be quite horrifying.

You can watch it on VUDU and Amazon Prime.

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