Cursed pilot episode

Cursed is a horror-comedy series that parodies the cliches of horror films, drawing inspiration from Shawn of the Dead. Shot with the intention of an online release, the series both draws influence and satirizes movies like The Conjuring, IT, The Nun and Annabelle.

Isaac fooled around with an Ouija board while drunk and is now, well, cursed. Now, he and his housemate Ned must deal with not only their boring lives, but with new paranormal hauntings in every episode.

The first episode was way too quick for me. It gave me a good idea who everyone was, but I was kind of hoping for a little more. That’s OK — I’m willing to watch the actual series when it’s ready. Wanted to see more isn’t a bad thing after all!

The quality is really good, too. It looks way better than a series that’s only planning to air online. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

You can check out more about Cursed on its official Facebook page.

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