A Very Brady Sequel (1996)

Arlene Sanford, who would go on to win two Emmys for directing Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, takes over directing chores from Betty Thomas but everything else is pretty much the same in the second Brady film. And that’s absolutely fine — this one is more of the same humor as the first with even more meta content.

This time around, Carol’s first husband Roy Martin (Tim Matheson) shows up and totally flips the family all around. It’s all because of the Brady’s horse statue, which ends up being worth $20 million dollars to a famous art collector (played by John Hillerman from Magnum P.I.). That same horse shows up in the movie Bell, Book and Candle.

The George Glass plot from the show is used but a whole new romance rears its head: Marcia and Greg realize that since they’re not blood relations that these strange feelings they’re feeling may mean something.

The best part of this entire film is the reveal that Hillerman’s character’s son was Gilligan and that Carol’s first husband was the Professor. The even bigger reveal that Mike’s first wife was Genie ends the film.

Florence Henderson wasn’t pleased that no cameos where allowed in this film and found it mean-spirited. I personally laughed throughout the film and found it a pleasant tribute to the show.

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