Dream A Little Dream (1989)

Marc Rocco was the adopted son of Alex Rocco, who we all remember as Moe Greene from The Godfather. He directed this film, as well as Where the Day Takes You. This Wilmington, North Carolina shot movie seems like the favorite of every woman I’ve ever dated and now, as we sit in quarantine, I must again watch it for my wife.

Oh man, this movie. Bobby Keller (Corey Feldman) runs right into Lainie Diamond (Meredith Salenger) at the same time that Coleman Ettinger (Jason Robards) and his wife Gena (Piper Laurie ) are trying to meditate into being soulmates forever and ever. This leads to that most dependable of all teenage tropes, the body switch film.

As Coleman lives Bobby’s life, he is haunted by him in his dreams and must deal with his best friend Dinger (Corey Haim) the rest of his waking hours, as well as Lainie’s boyfriend (William McNamara, Opera) and her mother (Susan Blakely, Over the Top).

So many favorites of mine are in this to try and make me feel better about watching it, like Harry Dean Stanton, Victoria Jackson and, yes, Alex Rocco. Lala Zappa is here as well, as she had agreed to be in the movie only if her boyfriend Haim was in the film too.

Michael Damian’s cover of “Rock On” was a big deal from this movie, with the Coreys and Salinger all appearing in the video.

If you ever wanted to have the lead singer of Starship, Mickey Thomas, sing a song with Mel Torme, this movie is the answer you’ve been looking for.

When this movie was made, both Coreys were getting into drugs and Feldman was all into the world of Michael Jackson, which is why there’s an extender dance sequence. That said — this is pretty much Corey Haim’s last big movie.

The dialogue in this movie upsets me to no end, much less the antics of both Coreys. But there are times when you must love your wife — especially when you are quarantined at home — and you give in and watch a movie with her.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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