The Accompanist (2019)

Dr. Jason Holden is in his early 50s with a family reeling from a tragic automobile accident that has placed his daughter in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, he is going through his old dark night of the soul, as a new job as a piano accompanist at a local ballet studio leads to him coming out and falling in love with Brandon a troubled young dancer.

Frederick Keeve is the auteur behind this, as the writer, director and star. This film is the result of a shorter version of the movie that he made in 2018.

He also is making The Accompanist Awakening, which will feature the newly engaged lovers as they return to Los Angeles after two years in New York City.

While this is a world I’ve never lived in, I could really feel the emotion in every scene. If this sounds like a story you’d be interested in, you should check it out when it is released digitally on Tuesday, June 2.

DISCLAIMER: This film was sent to us by its PR agency,.

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