Contagious (1997)

Could a major infectious disease cripple America? This TV movie presents this far-fetched…wait, I’ve been inside my house for two months because of one? Never mind. This movie is quaint by comparison to the life we’ve been living.

Dr. Hannah Cole (former bionic Lindsay Wagner) finds herself investigating an epidemic while her Tom Wopat-plated husband takes the kids camping and gets sick.

How did the disease start? A lab? A bat? Nope. Bad shrimp on an airplane, the kind of thing that would give Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the sweats. Here it gets into a coke mule’s stomach. He gets cut open for the drugs, everyone dies and the world pays the price for that sweet, sweet white powder trade.

If you love Elizabeth Pena and enjoy movies where people just rant exposition at you, have I got some great news for you! You can watch this on YouTube:

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