A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019)

I have a confession to make, which isn’t necessarily a confession as most of my friends already know this, I was obsessed with the TV series Pretty Little Liars. I binged about 4 seasons to catch up before the 5th season back in 2014. I have bought most of the seasons on DVD, I think I’m only missing the 7th and final season. I recently watched The Jurassic Games, which stars Ryan Merriman from Pretty Little Liars. This led to me looking up other films he was in. This is how I came across A Christmas Movie Christmas. A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019) is written by another actor from the show, Brant Daughtery who played Noel Kahn. Not only did Brant write it, he also stars in it along with Ryan who played Ian Thomas. 

The film is about two sisters, Eve and Lacy Bell, Eve loves Christmas movies and Lacy doesn’t really care for them at all. After Eve blows a breaker with her numerous Christmas decorations the girls go for a walk where they make a wish to Santa. They wake up the next morning in full makeup in a strange home. The girls have been thrown into an actual Christmas movie! 

This movie lambasts almost all of the typical romantic Christmas movies you see on the Hallmark Channel and the like during November and December. It does it in a playful and charming way with lots of hammy acting and cheesy romantic sentiment. Eve is played by Lana McKissack and her sister Lacy is played by Kimberly Daughtery while their romantic interests are played by the guys from PLL.

The town they are transported to in the film is called Holiday Falls and it is the midst of preparation for its annual Christmas Festival. In typical Christmas movie fashion there are multiple love interests for one of the main protagonists, some stuck up girl who is ruining Christmas with her catty attitude, an adorable child, and a scrooge-like character. Everything is made right by the end of the movie as well because holiday films deserve happy tidy as a bow endings. 

This movie is everything you want in a cheesy made for TV holiday movie and I’m glad that my obsession with Pretty Little Liars led to its discovery. If you are feeling particularly down during this world health crisis and want to escape into some holiday fun then this movie is certainly in your wheelhouse. It can be viewed on the Pluto TV app on demand.

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