Bay Coven (1987)

Remember Heroes, that show that had such an amazing first season and then never did anything ever again? Well, that show and this movie were both written by Tim Kring.

Jerry (Tim Matheson, Buried Alive) and Linda (Pamela Sue Martin, who once was Nancy Drew) are sick of the big city, so when their friends Josh (Jeff Conaway!) and Debbi (Susan Ruttan, who has been in so many movies, butyou know that I’m going to bring up Bad Dreams) tell them all about a place called Bay Cove out in the country that seems a little too perfect.

Woody Harrelson is in this as Linda’s friend Slater, way before anyone really knew who he was. There’s all manner of sinister occult goings on, as there always are in TV movies where city folks move to the country.  He’s the Hutch of this movie.

Speaking of Rosemary’s Baby, Barbara Billingsley fulfills the role of the Old Hollywood — in this case, TV Land — star who surely is in cahoots with the Left Hand Path. Surely Beaver and Wally had no idea just what their mother was getting up to. Or down to, as the case may be.

I kind of love that the guy who played Old Man Klein, John Dee — not the scriber of angels — has an IMDB resume made up of roles like Old Man in Adventures In Babysitting, Old Man in Park in Mom, the Wolfman and Me, Old Man in Lobby in Switching Channels and Old Man in Jail in City of Shadows.

Also, because I’ve watched way too much television, I instantly recognized Nigel Bennett, who was Lucien LaCroix, the vampire who turned Nick Knight on Forever Knight.

Director Carl Schenkel also made The Surgeon and Tarzan and the Lost City, which starred Casper Van Dien which I knew without the benefit of IMDB because I have issues, as well as the TV movie remake of Murder on the Orient Express.

You can watch this on YouTube:


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