Unholy Matrimony (1988)

Here’s how you can tell there’s a big age difference between my wife and me. I know Patrick Duffy as the Man from Atlantis and Bobby Ewing. She knows him as the dad from Step by Step.

Here. he plays John Dillman, the real-life investigator who continually pursued a doctor (Michael O’Keefe) and a minister (Charles Durning, great in this) who have been killing massage girls.

Lisa Blount from Prince of Darkness is in this, as is Jacqueline Brooks (The Good Son), actor/politician Fred Dalton Thompson, Michael C. Gwynne (who played the Duke of Rock in Private Parts) and Richard Cox (Cruising).

This is directed by Jerrold Freedman. who made the Bronson film Borderline and Kansas City Bomber with Racquel Welch. That’s what we in the busines refer to as quality.

You can watch this early true crime entry on YouTube:

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