Paramedics (1988)

Stuart Margolin did more than play Evelyn “Angel” Martin on The Rockford Files. He directed plenty of TV shows and this 1988 Police Academy takeoff.

George Newbern (Poochinski!) is Uptown and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin in a rare babyface role!) is Mad Mike, two, well, paramedics who get moved from uptown to the streets and come across a corpses for cash scam.

Karen Witter, Playboy’s March 1982 Playmate of the Month plays Danger Girl, a woman so sexually adept that she girls nearly every man that she sleeps with, like Ray Walston of all people, who starts the film up being dominated by her. If you ever wanted to see Mr. Hand get mahandled, this would be the movie for you. I won’t judge your kink.

That is Leigh Hamilton from Hocus Pocus playing the dispatcher, but not her voice. Listen hard — it’s really Sally Kellerman. Lydie Denier — a Zalman King vet — always shows up.

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