Mortuary Academy (1988)

Sam (Christopher Atkins, The Blue Lagoon) and Max (Perry Lang, The Hearse) inherit the Grimm Mortuary and Academy, but as these things go, they must graduate from it to actually own it. Trying to keep them from achieving that goal is the current owner, Dr. Paul Truscott (Paul Bartel) and his assistant Mary (Mary Woronov), who want to keep the school and mortuary because they both suffer from necrophilia.

I often discuss the perfect check the boxes of movies. Between Bartel, Woronov and a hijinks comedy, I was sold.

Directed by Michael Schroeder, who also worked with Bartel for the movie Out of the Dark, this movie sets up a slapstick crew of students, like one that yearns to bring dogs back from the dead and an effeminate singer played by Stoney Jackson, Phones from Roller Boogie.

Making this movie nearer to my heart is an appearance by Dona Speir, who made so many of the Andy Sidaris movies so much better.

James Daughton (Greg Marmalard from Animal House), Nedra Volz (Moving Violations), Tracy Walter (Bob the Goon!), Wolfman Jack and Cesar Romero all appear. This movie isn’t for everyone and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The band that plays in this movie, Radio Werewolf, was Radio Werewolf, who advocated vampirism, socialism and black-humored lyrics about Nazism. Their co-directors were Nicholas Schreck and Zeena Lavey Schreck, the daughter of Anton Lavey.

You can watch it on YouTube:

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