Target for Killing (1966)

Maniacs like me love Stewart Granger for his role in The Wild Geese, but he was also a leading man until the mid 60’s, when he started making movies in Italy. This spy film — an Austrian/German/Italian mash-up — was directed by Manfred R. Kohler, who wrote Daughters of Darkness and Franco’s The Blood of Fu Manchu.

Three years after making this, Karin Dor would play Bond girl Helga Brandt in You Only Live Twice. It’s also nice to see Klaus Kinski, Curd Jurgens (Karl Stromberg from The Spy Who Loved Me) and Molly Peters (the nurse who takes care of Bond in Thunderball) and Adolfo Celli, who between this, Danger: Diabolik, Thunderball and OK Connery is Eurospy royalty.

This movie has an exciting beginning, with an entire crew of a plane trying to murder Dor’s character, even parachuting out of the plane and leaving her without a flight crew. There’s brainwashing on a major scale, but the film doesn’t live up to that initial promise.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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