Seven Golden Men Strike Again (1966)

Rememeber Seven Golden Men? No? Well, this is obviously the sequel to that film, written and directed by the same man, Marco Vicario.

Philippe Leroy (The Mother of TearsMannaja) Rossana Podesta (Hera from Cozzi’s Hercules), Maurice Poli (Rabid Dogs), Manuel Zarzo (Nightmare City), Gabriele Tinti (Lisa and the Devil) and Giampiero Albertini (The Case of the Bloody Iris) all show up.

This time, The Professor (Leroy) and his men are captured by U.S. agents as they try to rob a train. To keep out of prison, they must kidnap a Latin dictator, but there’s so much gold that gets in the way.

Fats-moving, lots of gadgets and wow, Podesta is the real selling point of the film, acting above it all and sexy even when menaced by poisonous spiders.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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