Oh! Those Most Secret Agents! (1964)

Franco and Ciccio — yes the same comic team who were in the Eurospy parodies Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl BombsThe Amazing Dr. G and the sequel to this one, 002 Operazione Luna, are back, doing what they do best.

They’re two simple-minded Italianos who get mistaken as KGB agents and hijinks ensue. Those crazy moments include a giant robot that can barely move around, a masked maid/secret agent who flashes message to the boys on her panties, an assassination scene where the X targets keep getting moved around, a microfilm hidden in a tooth that causes all manner of issues and spies from America, China and Russia all chasing the two around the French Riveria.

This would be your standard 60’s spy comedy if not for who directed it: none other than the man who would become the Godfather of Gore 16 years after making this movie, Lucio Fulci. Yes — he made a movie about spies and assassination and not one eyeball got blown out the back or front of someone’s skull.

Believe it or not, this was released by Allied Artists in the U.S. In fact, it would be the first time one of Fulci’s movies made it over here.

Mary Arden, who plays Nadja in this, was Peggy Peyton in Blood and Black Lace and would write the English dialogue of the film, as she found the translated dialogue too stilted.

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