S*H*E* Security Hazards Expert (1980)

Lavinia Kean is S*H*E*, a secret agent in the early 80’s. Director Robert Lewis did the film because it let him spend three months in Rome on someone’s else’s money. He also claimed that Anita Ekberg was difficult with and he fired her, but brought her back when she told him that she would behave. He also had issues with Omar Sharif and lead actress Cornelia Sharp.

But hey! Fabio Testi (What Have You Done to Solange?Four of the Apocalypse and Contraband) is in this!

I really wanted to love this — the poster is great — but it really drags. There’s a reason why some lost movies remain lost, I guess.

Writer Richard Maibaum was the screenwriter for so many Bond films, from 1962’s Dr. No to 1989’s Licence to Kill. Thirteen in all — he missed a few, like Moonraker, but you’d think that experience would make for a better film. Ah well — you gotta watch everything to see if you can find something.

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