Special Agent Super Dragon (1966)

Just when you thought we couldn’t all get along, the French, German and Italians all got together and made a James Bond ripoff. That should warm your heart.

Directed by Giorgio Ferroni (Mill of the Stone Women) — using the amazing fake name Calvin Jackson Padget — this Amsterdam-shot caper played double bills with another movie that brought together people of many countries — in this case Britain, Yugoslavia, Italy and the U.S. — The One Eyed Soldiers.

Secret Agent Super Dragon (Ray Danton, who played George Raft in The George Raft Story, was Sandokan in that series of movies, was married to Julie Adams and appeared in other spy movies like Code Name: Jaguar, the Jess Franco-directed Lucky, the Inscrutable and the Derek Flint TV pilot — whew!) is after the men who killed his partner and are now stuffing drugs into vases.

That’s pretty much it, but luckily, Marisa Mell shows up as Charity Farrel. Mell was typecast in her career as a femme fatale, but perhaps she earned that, what with her dating Pier Luigi Torri, a playboy who became one of the most wanted fugitives in the world and got her name all over the tabloids. She’s probably best known for being in Danger: Diabolik, which is a much better spy movie than this.

Speaking of spy girls, Margaret Lee is also in this. Beyond starring in twelve movies with Klaus Kinski and living to tell the story, Margaret was also in Our Agent Tiger, Agent 077: From the Orient with Fury, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die and Our Man in Marrakesh. The more depraved amongst my dear readers — like me — will recognize her from Slaughter Hotel and Venus In Furs. And yes, that’s Fräulein Greta from Deported Women of the SS Special Section (and Patrizia from Strip Nude for Your Killer), actress Solvi Stubing in this as well.

Originally called New York Chiama Superdrago (New York Calling Superdragon), you can watch this pretty ridiculous movie on Amazon Prime. You also have the option of watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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