Shadow of Fear (1974)

Danna Forester (Anjanette Comer, The Baby) is a rich woman in a kept relationship with the much older Mark (Jason Evers, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die). They’re both having affairs, including her way close friendship with Mark Brolin (a very young Tom Selleck). One night, as she returns home, sinister messages are painted all over the walls of their house. The cops can’t help, but perhaps ex-cop Styran (Claude Atkins!) can put it all together.

Then again, maybe Danna isn’t all that tightly wound as it seems. Or perhaps she really is and all of this is one big ploy.

Herbert Kenwith is mainly known for his long associations with Norman Lear (Different StrokesThe Facts of LifeGood Times, One Day at a Time) and Mae West, for whom he directed theatrical presentations. He had an amazingly rich directing career, even if it was mainly for the stage and television. Reading his IMDB biography brought a smile to my face.

Writer Larry Brody’s career has plenty of interesting cartoon scripts on it, including the pilot for the European Diabolik cartoon, Spider-Man UnlimitedSilver Surfer, as well as live action shows like Super Force and The Fall Guy.

This is another Dan Curtis produced episode of the ABC Wide World of Mystery. There aren’t many episodes that have survived, but this is one of them. It’s wild — shot on video and filled with the twists and turns of a soap opera.

Good news — you can watch it on Amazon Prime.


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