The Haunting of Julia (1977)

Plenty of people know the Mia Farrow movie Rosemary’s Baby, but few know this film, which was based on the book Julia by Peter Straub. It was originally released in the UK as Full Circle, where it bombed before doing poorly in the U.S.

It was directed by Richard Loncraine, who helped make Band of Brothers on HBO and the incredible music film — and another bomb that has been recognized as a great movie years later — Slade In Flame.

Julia Lofting’s (Farrow) life changes in a second: her daughter chokes on breakfast and an emergnecy tracheotomy causes her to bleed to death. This causes her to leave her husband (Keir Dullea) and move into a flat that’s filled with toys which once belonged to a girl named Olivia, a young woman with such a power over the other children that she could make them kill one another.

The movie sat unreleased in the United States until it was discovered, along with the Richard Burton movie Absolution, by a movie fan who worked to get both movies into theaters.

This was on Shudder for a few weeks, but is no longer on the service. It’s not a great film, but it’s interesting. I got my copy at a convention years ago and don’t regret the purchase.

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