The Girl In Lover’s Lane (1960)

Also known as The Young and the Damned, this is the story of two drifters: Danny (Lowell Brown, High School Caesar), a rich kid who has run away from home, and “Big Stupid” Bix (Brett Halsey, Touch of DeathThe Devil’s Honey), a long-time hobo who is mentoring the former.

Bix begins to make lovey eyes with an innocent waitress named Carrie (Joyce Meadows, I Saw What You Did), who’s already dealing with the creepy affections of Jesse (Jack Elam). Yeah, so creepy that he eventually murders her.

This film’s writer, Jo Heims, would later write Double Trouble for Elvis, the story for Dirty Harry and Play Misty for Me. Its director, Charles R. Rondeau, also made The Devil’s Partner and the fact that I can remember than without the internet both makes me happy and somewhat sad that I know this much about junk movies instead of something important that can actually help the world.

You can watch this — as riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000 — on Tubi. You can also download it on the Internet Archive.

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