Kill the Poker Player (1972)

A combination giallo and spaghetti western? Sure. We can do that.

Mario Bianchi directed Satan’s Baby Doll and the mondo Africa Sexy before using the pen named Nicholas Moore, Tony Yanker and Martin White to make adult films.

Known in Italy as Hai Sbagliato… Dovevi Uccidermi Subito! (You Were Wrong…You Had to Kill Me Immediately!), this is all about federal agent Alan Fields, who is working undercover as Jonathan Pinkerton, acting as an employee of Lloyds of London to get to the bottom of a bank heist gone wrong, as two of the criminals are dead and the third has taken the money and their lives.

He’s played by Robert Woods, who was in all manner of Italian films like The Sinister Eyes of Dr. OrloffLucifera Demon Lover and His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen.

Spanish actor Frank Brana shows up as the sheriff and he was in hundreds of westerns like Leone’s Dollars trilogy, Once Upon a Time in the WestLight the Fuse…Sartana Is Coming! and God Forgives…I Don’t!, as well as Pieces and Hundra. And then there’s Susan Scott, who we all know better as the gorgeous Nieves Navarro (All the Colors of the DarkDeath Walks at MidnightEmanuelle and the Last Cannibals)!

A strange mix of genres, of course, but one that stands out in neither of them. Then again, I prefer my giallo to have jazzy music and mid-century modern furniture. But your mileage may vary.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime or on YouTube below.

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