Cupid (2020)

After being embarrassed by the mean girls, a witch named Faye summons Cupid for revenge on all those who wronged her. Now, on this Valentine’s Day, the embodiment of the holiday has risen and will stop at nothing until everyone is dead. Now, the students who did so much wrong by Faye must figure out a way to undo the spell before their hearts get broken forever.

This movie was directed by Scott Jeffrey, who has produced many recent direct to streaming films like The Dead NunClownDoll and Pet Graveyard. It stars Georgina Jane as Faye and martial artist Bao Tieu as Cupid.

What other horror movie choices do you have for Valentine’s Day anyway? Well, there’s always the original  My Bloody Valentine and its 2009 remake, as well as movies X-RayLover’s LaneValentine, a segment in HolidaysHospital Massacre, Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 U. You can now add this movie to that very short list.

I mean, it’s the only one of those films I can think of where a cherub emerges and shoots someone in the eyeball with an arrow!

You can learn more at the official Facebook page.

Cupid is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company.

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