Amityville Prison (2017)

Brian Cavallaro has mostly worked in reality TV and live sports and entertainment. But there’s no greater lure than making a movie that brings in some cash. Horror movies are usually the way that creators go. And hey — what’s a cheap title that people notice? Could it be…Amityville?

Originally called Against the Night, this found footage film would not have been playing on my TV if I hadn’t had the smart — or reckless — idea to watch every single Amityville film in one week.

A group of nine friends decide to stop playing flipcup and filming one another having sex, instead going to Philadelphia’s Holmesburg Prison to record paranormal activity. Those two towns are only 140 miles apart.

Of course, the friends are not prepared for what’s inside the prison because evil is way more frightening than spilling beer all over yourself or not getting to have access to your cell phone.

Frank Whaley, who was in Vacancy and Pulp Fiction (he’s Brett, one of the people accused of treating Marcellus Wallace like a female dog), is in this as the detective investigating why only one of the characters came back alive.

You can watch this under its original title, Against the Night, on Tubi.

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