Amityville: No Escape (2016)

Seventeen movies into the Amityville cycle and here we are. More found footage and college students in a study to learn what fear is all about. They should have to sit through an entire day of non-stop Amityville films like I did and they’ll understand what fear is all about.

Seriously — I’ve never felt the title of a movie more in my entire life.

Originally called The Fear Tapes, this movie was directed by Henrique Couto (Haunted House on Sorority RowDepression: The Movie).

George, our protagonist, travels to the cursed woods of Amityville — man, when are we getting Amityville Toilet and Amityville Corn Maze? — to work on his thesis. Along for the ride are his girlfriend Sarah, his sister Elizabeth, Simon the cameraman and Lisa. There’s also a girl named Lina who wasn’t in the original rough cut of the movie, but has her own story. Of course, those two stories eventually come together.

Can there be such a thing as too many Amityville movies? I sure hope so.

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