Terror at Tenkiller (1986)

In rural Oklahoma, late one night, Tor (Michael Shamus Wiles, Breaking BadSons of Anarchy) murders Denise and then dumps her body in Lake Tenkiller. So begins the 1986 one and done film by Ken Meyer, Terror at Tenkiller. Soon, Leslie and Janna show up for a vacation at the remote cabin in the woods, but are they next on the list of Tor the killer?

Shot entirely in Oklahoma near Lake Fort Gibson and the Fort Gibson dam — not at the actual Tenkiller Ferry Lake which is actually named for the Native American family who donated it — this movie honestly doesn’t have a single thing that I can recommend it for.

Some guys come down, some people get killed and there’s little to no drama as to what happens for the rest of the film.

At least the VHS box has some great artwork.

Terror at Tenkiller tells you who the killer is right away, its kills are boring and the end attempt at a shock ending is as vanilla as it gets. At least the Rifftrax guys took a shot at making it better. You can watch it with their commentary on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

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