Baltic Tribes (2018)

Known as Baltu Ciltis, this film is all about religious rituals, the Battle of Saule, the Crusaders battles and the fiery battles for the free land. Who were the last pagans of Europe and who did they believe? You’ll discover all of that here in this film, in which Danish spy Lars enters the tribal lands of the Baltic people, takes part in religious rites, gets high during the summer solstice, becomes the slave of Curonians and even fights the Crusaders.

The team of Raitis Abele and Lauris Abele has created something truly interesting here. It’s an almost “you are there” way of showing the 13th century, along with animated educational segments. If you told me I was going to enjoy a historical movie this much, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Baltic Tribes is available on demand and on DVD from High Octane Pictures.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to us by its PR team.

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