Witchcraft (1964)

The Kiss of the VampireThe Return of the FlyRasputin the Mad MonkThe Face of Fu ManchuPsychomania. These are the movies of Don Sharp, who worked at Hammer and eventually on TV mini-series. He was also the father of Massive Attack producer Johnny Dollar.

It’s written by Harry Spalding, who also wrote The Earth Dies ScreamingChosen Survivors and, believe it or not, Witchery!

Back in the 17th century, the Lanier family buried Vanessa Whitlock alive as a witch. This came with the spoils of taking of their estate and earning the hatred of their neighbors all the way until the mid 1960’s.

However, two of their descendants, Amy Whitlock (Diane Clare, Plague of the Zombies) and Todd Lanier (David Weston, The Masque of The Red Death) are in love and getting married.

Meanwhile, the Laniers keep on building their gigantic estate, even bulldozing over an ancient burial ground, rising Vanessa from the dead and uniting her with Morgan Whitlock (Lon Chaney Jr.!) to kill the Laniers one at a time.

Things can only end with the entire Whitlock estate burned to the ground, at the cost of lives both good and evil.

Perhaps proving that 20th Century Fox was correct to place this and Devils In Darkness in a double feature Midnite Movies DVD set, both Victory Brooks and Marianne Stone show up in both films.

As a promotional gimmick for the U.S. release of this movie, posters warned the public that “Only the witch deflector can save you from the eerie web of the unknown.” Luckily, they could get one when they attended the movie and The Horror of It All as a double bill.

You can watch this for free on Tubi.

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