Mikey (1992)

Following the James Bulger murder in Liverpool in 1993, Mikey was banned from the UK. Unlike plenty of other movies that have been since re-released (like, for example, our three different Video Nasties articles — follow the links for 1, 2 and 3), this movie is not allowed to play across the pond.

Mikey (Brian Bonsall, who was Andy Keaton on Family Ties) starts the film off by drowning his sister Beth and throwing a hairdryer into the bathtub while his foster mother Grace is just trying to let Calgon take her away. If you’re like, “Mikey, top that!” he soon answers by tripping his foster dad with marbles and beating his brains out with a bat while videotaping the murder. Oh Mikey — you’ve won me over before the credits even ran!

He gets a new family and plenty of friendly victims, which include Josie Bisset from Hitcher In the Dark as a 15-year-old girl who he falls for and Ashley Laurence from Hellraiser as a teacher who pays the price for caring about Mikey’s emotions. Lyman Ward — Ferris Bueller’s dad — and Mimi Craven — second wife of Wes — appear, along with Mark Venturini, Suicide from Return of the Living Dead.

If you’ve ever yearned to see a pre-pubescent child annihilate people with slingshots, crossbows and shoving them through rails and off the second floor of a house — not to mention Molotov cocktails — then you should pretty much watch this one.

You can watch this for free on Tubi.

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