American Hunt (2019)

A group of friends is torn apart when they become part of the most dangerous game — two hunters who hunt humans for profit. They’re given ten minutes to hide and then the real hunt begins.

American Hunt was being filmed when Blumhouse began the casting process for The Hunt, which was infamously cancelled and has been shelved indefinitely in the wake of today’s political climate. Then again, that was a $15 million dollar studio film and this is a direct to streaming film. American Hunt is the only one of the two that you can actually see. For now.

This film was directed by Aaron Mirtes, who was behind such films as Curse of the Nun and Clowntergeist.

It’s more of a backwoods slasher than a highly politicized action thriller, despite the PR campaign to sell it. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth a watch.

American Hunt is available on demand and on DVD from High Octane Pictures.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR agency. That has no bearing on our review.

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