Replace (2017)

Afflicted with a dermatological disease, young and beautiful Kira (Rebecca Forsythe, who was also the executive producer for this movie and the daughter of actor William Forsythe) learns that she can replace her skin with those of other women. Helped by her lover, she plots a murder and the victim becomes her donor, but when the disease returns, she must continually find new victims.

There are two reasons to be excited about this movie. First, it has Barbara Crampton in it, which is always a welcome site. A genre vet, she elevates any material that she is in.

Second, it was written by Richard Stanley. Yes, the very same Richard Stanley who directed Hardware and The Otherworld, in addition to being caught up in the mess that was 1996’s The Island of Dr. Moreau.

There’s an intriguing premise here. Unlike a vampire, Kira must take the flesh of the living or her skin will age before its time. This is co-writer and director Norbert Keil’s English language debut and he’s done it with plenty of style.

The thing about this film is that while many streaming movies we’re asked to cover are simply digital point and shoot films with no allusions to art, this is an actual piece of cinema. It actually has something to say about aging, vanity and the need to control one’s illness.

Replace is available on DVD and on demand from Uncork’d Entertainment.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team.

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