Slasher Top Tens: Derek Direction

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: In my other life as a professional wrestler, I’ve been lucky to team with Derek Direction over the last year as The Grindhouse — along with Meg Meyers, Christian Noir and Beastman. Derek and I got along right away as we have a shared love of movies and a similar outlook on wrestling. He’s also part of The Production in AIW, a tag team that exploits everyone else, acting as the director, the “Neon Tarantino” and the “King of the Casting Couch.” You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can also buy his shirts at Pro Wrestling Tees — one even looks like Demons!

Ultimately I’m trying to pick different movies, but legitimately movies I like. I don’t want to name all the Friday the 13th films. FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER is my favorite.

1. Maniac (1980): “Fancy girls in their fancy dresses and lip stick.” Frankly, Maniac is my favorite 80’s slasher film still to this day. Everything I love. Even the SFX legend Tom Savini! This movies is great, you have a psychopath running loose in NY in the 80s WHAT’S NOT to love. I i love this movie so much I referenced it multiple times throughout my wrestling career.

2. My Bloody Valentine (1981): If Maniac wasn’t my favorite movie it would be this one. I love both My Bloody Valentines. The 1981 one though — in my opinion — is way better probably because I’m a sucker for old horror. And the weapon is so bad ass.

3.) My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009): With the change in times; obviously the gore is upped up a bit. It’s a fun movie that will keep you on your toes. I legit love both of these movies.

4. Slaughter High (1986): Not the best executed movie. There could have been a little bit more “slaughtering” but I really did like the thought process of getting your life long revenge at the dreaded HS reunion. Plus there’s full frontal male nudity.

5. Killer Workout (1986): When I was a little kid at the local video store I always wanted to watch this… i mean the video cover was just tits. My mom would never let me… I liked the soundtrack… and it tells a good comeback story… Soooo much tight clothing 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤.

6. The Slumber Party Massacre (1982): Not to be confused with the show I wrestled on; that could still be our be purchased on FITE TV under the AIW Catalog. 🤣😂🤣. The Slumber Party Massacre is a true ’80s slasher classic. Refreshingly, the film doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. So many people are murdered. What more could you ask for, a giant drill, boobs, butts and some cheesy humor!?

7. Sorority Row (2009): I remember seeing the trailer for this and immediately telling myself I needed to see it. Obviously the trailer made it seem like a straight forward slasher. I saw this before The House on Sorority Row. Even though this movie is a cross between Mean Girls and Scream it kept me guessing.

8. The Roommate (2011): This may not be considered a “slasher” but thinking of Sorority Row made me think of this. And it reminded me of Leighton Meester’s character Rebecca. I love the character Rebecca, she’s obsessive and does a whole bunch of messed up stuff to get what she wants. Legit putting this movie right on as soon as I finish this.

9. Sleepaway Camp (1983): In my opinion; this movie is better than Friday the 13th. Sleepaway Camp is one of my favorite films of all time for the interesting characters, a setting where killing is unexpected, the killer’s revelation and motivation at the end, and just because I find it kind of scary at the same time!

10. Terror Train (1980): “Some will live; Some will die” it’s pretty straight to the point if you ask me. When I first saw this film I thought it was going to be Halloween on a train, and boy was I wrong. This film statistically came out after Halloween but it was one of the first films that got me thinking. The ending is very clever and the plot is very simple: “Psycho comes aboard to exact revenge.”

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