MOMO: The Missouri Monster (2019)

Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters have released some really fun documentaries over the last few months like On the Trail of Bigfoot and Terror In the Skies.

Now their focus is on the Missouri Monster, better known as Momo. This dark hair-covered, three-toed and foul smelling beast was said to have frightened the people of Star Hill, near Louisiana, Missouri during the summer of 1972.

The beauty of this movie is that it’s told in both narrative and documentary form. The story portions look like a lost drive-in movie from the 70’s, depicting the folklore of MOMO while documentary footage corrects the legend thanks to actual survivors.

Breedlove describes MOMO: The Missouri Monster as “Rashomon meets Creature from Black Lake or The Legend of Boggy Creek.” That’s right on the nose and right up our alley.

The entire movie is hosted by Lyle Blackburn, who wrote the books The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster, Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch and Momo: The Strange Case of the Missouri Monster. He’s also narrated the previously mentioned Terror In the Skies, as well as The Bray Road Beast and The Mothman of Point Pleasant. You may also remember him from when Joe Bob Briggs played The Legend of Boggy Creek during his first Shudder marathon.

This is the best film I’ve seen from Small Town Monsters and that’s saying something. It’s so much fun — combining a movie that doesn’t really exist with a monster that very well may exist. If you’re a fan of Bigfoot films — this list right here proves that we are — you’re in for a real treat.

MOMO: The Missouri Monster will be available on DVD and video on demand September 20. If you’re in Point Pleasant, WV on that day, you can check it out as part of the annual Mothman Festival.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR firm but that has no impact on our review.

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