Till Death Do Us Hart (1996)

Sooner or later, you knew that George Hamilton was going to show up in one of these Hart to Hart reunion movies. He waited until the eighth of eight movies to make it happen, playing the evil Karl Von Ostenberg.

This episode finds the Harts heading to Munich, where Jennifer donates bone marrow to Maximilian, a little boy with leukemia. His doctor (Dwight Schultz, from TV’s The A-Team and Alone In the Dark) is amazed, because Jennifer looks exactly like his fiancee Simone, who has seemingly left him before the wedding. With an important dinner coming up, the Harts save him from an embarrassing situation by Jennifer filling in for the missing woman at an important dinner.

The last of these films, this was directed by original series director and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz, who also directed the Tom Hanks version of Dragnet. He was also the writer of Ladyhawke, the two Richard Donner Superman movies, Diamonds Are ForeverLive & Let DieThe Man With the Golden Gun and The Cassandra Crossing. It was written by Bill Froehlich and Mark Lisson, who also wrote Return to Horror High.


Want to see this movie? Just get the new Mill Creek Hart to Hart Movies Are Murder Collection to watch this and seven more made for TV movies.

DISCLAIMER: This set was sent to us by Mill Creek. We appreciate it but it has no bearing on our review.

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