Harts in High Season (1996)

Before the Harts were married, she dated Elliot Manning (James Brolin!), who was a man that competed with Jonathan in racing and in business. After Jonathan duly destroys him in every endeavor, he still tries to be friends, but Manning nurses a revenge plot where he fakes his own death and hides in Australia while the police try to keep Jonathan for murder.

To those of you who watched the early UFC shows, Emmanuel Yarborough shows up here as Tonga, Elliot’s faithful henchman. At a weight of 882 pounds, he held the Guinness World Record for the heaviest living athlete. An NCAA All-American offensive tackle and amateur wrestler at Morgan State University, he also won the 1995 World Amateur Sumo Championships and then went into sumo and pro wrestling, where he worked for Germany’s CWA.

His biggest highlight for US fans was when he battled Keith Hackney in UFC 3, a match that proved that size wasn’t always necessary to win the fight in this new style of combat. He’d go on to defeat UWFI pro wrestler Tatsuo Nakano on a Shooto show in Japan before losing to Daiju Takase for the Pride promotion. Yarborough died in 2015 at the age of 51 from a heart attack.

Like the past movie on the set that we covered, Two Harts In 3/4 Time, this was written by Matt Crowley. It was directed by Christian I. Nyby II, who was behind most of the Perry Mason TV movies that aired through the 80’s and also directed seven episodes of Moonlighting, which gets a sly reference from the Harts in this film. His resume covers all manner of TV shows, from Battlestar Galactica to Emergency!BJ and the BearSimon & SimonThe A-TeamHill Street Blues and the Remo Williams TV pilot. He’s the son of Christian Nyby, who directed The Big Sleep and the original version of The Thing.

Want to see this movie? Just get the new Mill Creek Hart to Hart Movies Are Murder Collection. You’ll get this adventure and seven more to satisfy your need for romance and red herrings.

DISCLAIMER: This set was sent to us by Mill Creek. We appreciate it but it has no bearing on our review.

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