Black Fist (1974)

Black Fist is — like Spookies — really two movies in one. It’s a combination of the films Bogard — originally rated X for some steamy sex scenes that were chopped out here — and another called Get Fisk. The Greek producers of the former movie had illegally financed the film, so producers William Larrabure and Richard Kaye did some surgery and ended up with a film that’s kind of all over the place but still has some interesting moments. I can also add to the confusion by sharing the fact that New Line re-released this movie as The Black Streetfighter.

Leroy Fisk (Richard Lawson, Poltergeist) is a fighter for mob boss Logan (Robert Burr), enduring that man’s racism while providing for his family. Heineken (Dabney Coleman!) is a racist cop who demands that Leroy cut him in on his action. Our hero just wants to earn money for a club and provide for his family.

Even when he’s a success, training to become a better fighter and beating the hell out of his opponent (Hard Boiled Haggerty) and throwing Logan onto the man’s bloody body, the white men won’t let him get away with it. A car bomb is meant for our hero, but kills his wife and brother-in-law. Of course, he’s going to get revenge.

Look for Edward James Olmos in his first role, a quick cameo as a junkie, and Phillip-Michael Thomas playing two different pimp characters (one assumes that the blending of the two movies led to this occurrence).

You can get Black Fist on Mill Creek’s new Soul Team Six DVD collection, along with five other films.

DISCLAIMER: Mill Creek sent us this set, but we were planning on buying it anyway. It has no bearing on this review.

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