Cargo (2017)

When the money Kevin brings home as a fisherman in the Bahamas isn’t enough to pay for his son to go to school — and his gambling addiction — he turns to smuggling people to Florida to raise the funds. He just has to do it before his son gets kicked out and his wife learns the truth. Complicating matters is another secret — a girlfriend who he is going to help get to the United States as he gets braver and better at his new vocation.

Everything ends up in one brutal moment, which is hinted at the beginning of the film. Kevin must abandon those refugees at sea, stranding them in the water far from the beaches of Miami.

Cargo is the largest Bahamian film project to date and is directed by Kareem J. Mortimer. It looks visually stunning and really hits you hard with the increasingly desperate choices that Kevin goes through. The scene with the housekeeper in his car — I don’t want to spoil things — is incredibly harsh.

You can learn more about Cargo at the incredibly well-made official site. The movie is now on demand.

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