W.B., Blue and the Bean (1989)

Also known as Bail Out and Wings of Freedom, this movie gives the world what we’d been waiting for. One year after Witchery (also known as La Casa 4), the dream dup of Hasselhoff and Blair are reunited. Sometimes, Amazon Prime just knows what I need. And what I needed was this.

White Bread (Hasselhoff), Blue (stuntman Tony Brubaker) and Bean (Thomas Rosales Jr., Speed and the Paul Weller film Running Scared) are three bounty hunters who’ve been asked to protect Nettie Ridgeway (Blair), a wealthy socialite who just saw Colombia drug runners kill her ex-boyfriend. She’s kidnapped and taken to Mexico, so the boys have to rescue her so she can testify against the cartel.

Director Max Kleven has an interesting set of films he’s directed. While primarily known for stunts and second unit directing, he has the films The Night Stalker (which stars Charles Napier!), Deadly Stranger and Ruckus on his resume. The latter also features Blair and you know I’ll be watching it soon.

John Vernon is on hand to play Blair’s dad and you can look for an improbably young Danny Trejo here. Otherwise, there’s not much for anyone other than Linda Blair completists. Like me.

However, I am pleased to report that this DVD cover was so lazy, it just has a picture of Hasselhoff from Knight Rider.

You can watch this for free on Amazon Prime.

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