Nightforce (1987)

This movie is why I work so hard on this site. The thrill of being awake at 3:26 AM on a school night, knowing I have to work all day tomorrow, but being rewarded with a movie that not only has Linda Blair armed with a crossbow, but also features Richard Lynch, an actor whose work continually elevates every film that he appeared in.

Lynch plays Bishop, a Vietnam vet turned mercenary who has come on board to train a team of college students — led by Blair as a senator’s daughter and Janes Van Patten — as the only people brave enough to rescue their friend from Central American terrorists led by Estoban.

Honestly, this movie would be pointless were it not for Lynch and Blair. He contributes a haunted performance as a man who has seen and done too much, now content to hide in Latin America, playing his flute and taking care of a monkey. No, I didn’t make that up. And Blair rises above the material, as always, showing plenty of feistiness and the ability to make headbands look good.

Plus, she’s on the soundtrack with this song:

Nightforce isn’t going to change your world. But when you can’t sleep, it’s going to be a warm blanket that will reward you with a comfortable journey back to a time and place when Communists could only be defeated by college students.

Oh yeah — Cameron Mitchell plays the senator, so this movie really does check the boxes of actors whose movies I’ll watch no matter what.

One thought on “Nightforce (1987)

  1. I remember reading Richard Lynch’s obit in the newspaper and being truly shocked and bummed about it. If I had the funds and connections, I’d create a Richard Lynch DVD pack with all of his films on it.

    I sat though the low-budget Rollerball romp, Ground Rules (1997) for him. I’d do a Tim Robbins through the sewage pipe at Shawshank if there’s a VCR fired up with a Richard Lynch movie on the other end. I mean, he was Ankar Moor in Deathsport! He helped destroy the gun on Ice Planet Zero! He did two movies with Frank Stallone. He kicked Chuck Norris’s ass. He did a Ruggero Deodato potboiler. He stalked Jennifer Rubin (!).

    Even when he played a good guy, non-psycho roll as a radio station manager (!) in Shattered Illusions, he was still the same ‘ol hard ass Richard we love. Yes, I sat though Shattered Illusions . . . for Mr. Lynch.

    Why? Because you do not “F” with the Lynch. You sit your ass down and watch.


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