Go Ask Alice (1973)

Originally airing on January 24, 1973, Go Ask Alice is an adaption of the 1971 book. While the book — it’s more of a diary, really — is written by “Anonymous”, most people believe that therapist and author Beatrice Sparks really wrote it. She’d go on to write several similar books that were also supposed to be the real diaries of troubled teenagers.

Jamie Smith Jackson plays Alice, who just wants to fit in with the kids at her new school, as she tells her diary. Fitting in involves taking LSD at parties and falling into a world of drinking, drugging and disappearing from home. Her parents, playing by William Shatner in a ridiculous toupee and mustache and Julie Adams, yes, the girl from Creature from the Black Lagoon, are clueless. Nobody really cared about kids in the 1970’s, obviously.

Mackenzie Phillips — who would later have drug problems of her own — shows up, as well as Andy Griffith (he’s the best part of the film), Robert Carradine and Ruth Roman (from The Baby!) all make appearances. It’s pretty schmaltzy in parts, but hey, it’s a preachy 1973 TV movie. You kind of expect those kinds of things.

Amazon Prime has been awesome about picking up old made for TV movies and they come through all over again by having this streaming for free with membership.

Bonus: You can listen to Becca and I discuss this on our podcast.

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