Crisis Hotline (2019)

Simon is a cynical counselor at a Silicon Valley LGBT crisis center — his first few calls are anything but major issues — finds himself in a life or death situation when Danny calls, threatening to kill three people and then himself. Crisis Hotline is all about how Danny got here — and what he’s going to do about it — told in two timelines.

Originally titled Shadows In Mind, this movie is all about how Danny and Kyle fall for one another and how the latter’s dark and hidden life overtakes them both. Swinging with a couple that pays for Danny’s lifestyle leads to crystal meth, internet pornography and the dreaded Dark Web.

Meanwhile, the counselors are trying to get Danny to stay alive as he threatens to kill everyone involved as he continues to take pills, slowly killing himself.

This isn’t a bad film, per se, but I was waiting for a bigger reveal and connection between the two timelines. It did a great job of setting up the mood, but it didn’t seem like the payoff lived up to where the film felt like it was going. There are some decent performances from the cast, however, and it certainly kept me interested.

Crisis Hotline arrives on digital and DVD June 11.

Disclaimer: We were sent this film by its PR company. That has no impact on our review.

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