Monster Party (2018)

Three young thieves — Casper (Sam Striker from 2017’s Leatherface and the TV show Nightflyers), Iris (Virginia Gardner, the latest Halloween) and Dodge (Brandon Micheal Hall, the TV show God Friended Me) — decide to rob the mansion where Iris works as a caterer to raise the money to save Casper’s dad, but when the house locks down, everyone shows their true faces. Yep, this is a serial killer support group.

It’s awesome to see Robin Tunney (The Craft, Prison Break) in a big role and she’s great here. Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck and Charmed is her husband who desperately wants to go back to his killing ways. Lance Reddick (OzThe Wire) is great in a small role as their teacher and leader. Blue Collar Comedy member Bill Engvall even shows up here.

There are some cute asides to past movies, such as every family member being some slasher archetype down to the maniac chained up in the basement. The movie Mother’s Day is even playing in the son’s room. I’d probably like this more if it didn’t feel so indebted to Don’t Breathe.

Some have said this is a return to 90’s Tarantino filmmaking. I say that’s lazy easy labeling. This isn’t that good. It’s fun, but it isn’t that good.

You can watch this movie exclusively on Shudder.

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