An interview with Arlene Sidaris, producer of so many of the films we’ve covered this week

One of the things you may notice as you watch the Andy Sidaris movies that we’ve been covering this week is that they’re all produced by his wife, Arlene. We’re beyond pleased that she took the time to answer a few of our questions about these iconic films and why we still love them years after we first saw them on late night cable TV.

B&S ABOUT MOVIES: How did you and Andy meet?

ARLENE SIDARIS: I was working on Nightlife in NYC, hosted by Les Crane, directed by Mac Hrmiom, pal of Andy’s from ABC Sports. The show was moving to LA, the same weekend that Andy was moving from NYC to LA. Les gave a welcoming party. Mac invited Andy.

B&S: I’ve always loved that the L.E.T.H.A.L. movies seemed to be a family affair. What was it like to be on set?

AS: Andy set the tone of mutual support and cooperation on set and in our family life.

Andy Sidaris surrounded by the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies

B&S:  It seems like every interviewer wants to know if you were intimidated on set or upset by the nudity. Does that question get old?

AS: No intimidation. The women are beautiful, with bodies they are proud of. I am happy to help them show their pride.

B&S: How did the movies become a series? How long did it take until you saw some level of success?

AS: Andy made a deal for 2 films. At first, HBO & Showtime scheduled them in the middle of the night. To their surprise, the films gathered an audience. From that attention, we then made a deal for another 5 films.

B&S: How much input did you have on script or story? Did you ever feel empowered to say, “This is a bad idea?”

AS: In the first round, my input concentrated on scheduling, location & budget. Once we were filming, on occasion, Andy would accept a take and I would request another…and then insist, if necessary.

B&S: The films are often filled with lots of humor. Was that what Andy enjoyed?

AS: Andy had a very unique, original way of looking at life which was reflected in the films.

B&S: What’s your favorite of the films you made?

AS: People often ask that question. My answer is that the films are like children, I love them all…but, if pressed, I can say Fit to Kill and our last, Return to Savage Beach.

The inspiration for this question. PS – I wouldn’t call Andy’s movies dumb.

B&S: I saw a really interesting Twitter post that said that in 20 plus Marvel movies, you have no idea of who Black Widow or any of the female characters really are, but in Andy Sidaris movies, you know all about the girls on a much deeper level. Thoughts?

AS: In our films, the good guys don’t stay good and the bad guys don’t stay dead.

B&S: I’m so excited that these films are getting a proper blu ray release from Mill Creek. Have you heard from any new fans?

AS: Yes. The increased theatrical dates, new HD DVD’s, streaming and social media have brought many new fans…and I love them all.

B&S: As you know, people get upset quite easily today. How do you think millennials will react to the films?

AS: In November, I was in San Francisco for a screening and Q&A. The screening was on a Wednesday night at 10:30. I didn’t think anyone would show up.  It was sold out.  The audience reaction was great and, except for me, I don’t think there was a person in the audience who was born when the film was made, almost 30 years ago.

A magical moment in Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

B&S:  If there was a big budget remake of Malibu Express, who would you cast from today?

AS: That question takes too much thought.

B&S: Finally, what do you miss most about Mr. Sidaris?

AS: How much time do you have?

Devin Devasquez, Liv Lindeland, Sybil Danning, Shelly Taylor Morgan, Julie Strain, Andy Sidaris and Arlene Sidaris (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)

Thanks again to Mrs. Sidaris for her time and great responses. Want to learn more? Visit and check out the shop section while you’re there for everything from the first two Mill Creek blu ray reissues of Malibu Express and Hard Ticket to Hawaii to the Girls, Guns & G-Strings 12 Movie Set (I have all of the above and recommend you do the same) and Bullets, Bombs and Babes, a coffee table book about Andy’s films. Plus, sign on with this Feedback form to get a monthly newsletter.

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