Room for Rent (2019)

Joyce is a lonely widow who needs money to keep her home, so she rents out a room. After trying to run a bed and breakfast, she later decides to have an ongoing tenant: a mysterious drifter named Bob.

Soon, she’s making him the object of her deepest romantic fantasies. Yet when Bob falls for one of her younger friends, she decides to finally get everything she ever wanted no matter what it takes.

You may know Lin Shaye from the Insidious films, but here, she’s gripping the spotlight all for herself. There are some great character moments, like when she attacks a gang of skateboarders by kissing one of their members right on the mouth or her flipping out and suffocating a friend with a throw pillow. I get the idea that Shaye is overjoyed to be a bad guy here, reveling in the ridiculous wardrobe and over the top melodrama.

I mean, what other movie will you see where Lin has a near-erotic moment as she brushes her teeth with the toothbrush of Bob, her drug-dealing fistfighting love interest? Or finds a bag of cocaine and does huge handfuls of it before dragging a dead body across her bric-a-brac festooned living room?

I laughed out loud several times during this and even if the ending is a little choppy, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Room for Rent opens May 3 in select theaters and releases May 7 on VOD.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by its PR team, but that has no impact on our review.

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