Spring Break (1983)

Between the first Friday the 13th and the House series, Sean S. Cunningham made this teen sex comedy. As my wife Becca reminded me, one of the only differences between this movie and a slasher is that no one gets killed for all the sex and drinking. It’s a remnant of some forgotten time, when people in their late twenties could play college students and bars were named things like Games People Play.

Two nerds share a hotel room at the Breeze and Seas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with two cooler guys from Florida. There — I’ve established most of the plot for you. Ah — one of the nerds is a rich kid with a politico dad who is tracking him down. And also, some guy wants to shut the hotel down.

1983 was a way different time. A time when hijinks could be kind of homoerotic and perhaps no one noticed. A time when dudes could sleep four to a room and one of them could bring back a girl, who would willingly have sex with all of them present and no one thought this was perhaps a bit creepy. A time when things like me too and drunk driving were just future notions. Indeed, there’s a scene where a girl is driving a convertible and holding a can of Miller Lite the entire time.

At the time this was made, Coke owned Columbia Pictures. So just in case you wonder why there’s an extended sequence where a girl remarks how she’s thirsty before sex and would really like a Coke before a guy goes to a large Coke branded machine to buy her a can, there’s your answer.

My favorite bit of trivia for this film is that Corinne Alphen, the former wife of Wiseguy star Ken Wahl, is in it. A two-time Penthouse Pet of the Month and a Pet of the Year, today she’s a professional Tarot card reader. And hey — keep your eyes open for an early appearance by Curb Your Enthusiasm co-star Jeff Garlin.

Cunningham would follow this movie with a much darker film about teens in Florida — The New Kids. What a double feature!

*Update: Mars Callahan, who’s best known for the acclaimed Poohall Junkies starring Chazz Palminteri and Christopher Walken, wrote and directed a failed, never-released remake, Spring Break ’83, which we reviewed as part of our “Box Office Failures Week.”

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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