The Galaxy Invader (1985)

In the 1960’s, Don Dohler created an underground comic book called WILD that had contributors like Jay Lynch, Art Spiegelman, Skip Williamson and even R. Crumb. He went on to create the zine Cinemagic, which was written to help filmmakers learn how to make movies, that ran for 11 issues until Starlog bought it. He also published several books on moviemaking and directed the films The Alien FactorNightbeast, Blood Massacre and Fiend. After a decade plus of a self-imposed break, he returned to moviemaking along with actor/police officer Don Ripple. Together, they made Alien Rampage, Harvesters, Stakes, Vampire Sisters, Crawler and Dead Hunt.

The Galaxy Invader was made before that break. Get ready.

In Baltimore, Don Dohler’s hometown, a meteor crashes down to Earth. A young couple goes to see what happened and that’s when they meet the Galaxy Invader, a green rubber-suited monster that’s a mix between Bigfoot and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Of course, they get killed.

Locals soon gather to hunt the creature and try to make money from it. Most of the movie is about the Montague family, including father Joe, who is often drunk, abusive and carrying around guns. George Stover shows up, showing that there’s at least one connection between Dohler and Baltimore’s favorite son, or at least weirdest, John Waters.

If you’re looking for rednecks running through the woods hunting one another and a giant green alien, well, good news. This movie was made for you. You may remember some of the beginning, too. That’s because the effects were used without permission for the movie Pod People.

You can watch this movie with Rifftrax commentary on Amazon Prime.

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