My Friends Need Killing (1976)

I can’t believe this gutter level exploration of Vietnam came out in 1976. Actually, I can. Exploitation films aren’t afraid to explore the kind of truths that regular films are squeamish about.

Gene Kline came back home and spent some time in a mental hospital, but is trying to get things right. He can’t — he was part of a My Lai Massacre type situation and he’ll never be right again. The worst part is his friends pushed him to do it and now, they think they’re all gotten away with it.

They haven’t. Gene is gonna make sure of that, no matter if his wife loves him and worries that he’s about to kill himself. No, he’s going to confront every single one of them and make them face up to what they’re done, then snuff their lives out the same way they did those Vietnamese kids.

Make no mistake — this is not an easy watch. It’s as brutal as it can be and it’s ultra basement budget only makes it that much the better.

This movie was written and directed by Paul Leder, who was behind I Dismember MamaA*P*E and Vultures. None of those movies will prepare you for this.

Thanks to John S. Berry for sending this my way. It’s never been on DVD!

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