The Night Brings Charlie (1990)

In the small town of Pakoe, a woman is decapitated by a killer wearing swimming goggles and a burlap sack. He’s already killed before and chances are, he’s going to kill again unless sheriff Carl Carson can stop him. Soon, the killings will pile up and the killer will get cocky and taunt Carson via phone. But just who is he?

The Night Brings Charlie came late to the slasher cycle, coming out in 1990 from director Tom Logan (Shakma) and writer Bruce Carson.

Everyone believes that the killer is Charlie Puckett, a disfigured gardener who has to wear a mask similar to the description of the killer. He’s brought in for questioning but refuses to talk until he speaks with Walt, the coroner who served with him in Vietnam. Carson has doubts about the confession, so he sets a trap for the killer, who ends up being Walt. Yep, back in Vietnam, he killed a girl and was discharged. Now, his urge to kill has come back.

But wait – Walt says that Charlie a killer too. He helped kill the girl back in the war and he’s killed everyone else after the second victim. Now, Charlie is coming after the kids in town and there’s a chance to Carson won’t be able to save them in time. So who is the killer? And can anyone be saved in time? And how awesome is it when people are set on fire?

This isn’t an easy movie to find, so I’d like to thank friend of the site John S. Berry for sending it my way.

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