Macabre (1980)

I love Mario Bava. I can’t say enough good things about the movies he’s made. His son Lamberto, however? Between Devilfish, BlastfighterDelirium and Demons, his movies are a mixed bag with only the last one being a film I’d recommend (look, I love Blastfighter, but people usually think most of the movies I recommend are bonkers and I’ve scared enough people). So how does he fare this time?

Jane Baker is a middle-aged woman whose affair suddenly ends with the death of her lover Fred thanks to a car accident. Things get worse — her son is drowned by her daughter Lucy as they play unattended. All that remains is for her to spend a year in a mental hospital.

When she’s released, she can’t go back home and determines to live in the apartment where she once made love to Fred. Sound normal? Well, her blind landlord — named Robert Duval — keeps hearing her make love all night and screaming her dead lover’s name.

Did her daughter drown her brother on purpose? Is Jane still having sex with a dead man — or part of him? Is the New Orleans mansion she leaves behind enough to make my wife jealous and ask when we are moving there?

Mario Bava died two months after seeing this, but felt that he could die happy as his son had made a great film. While slow in parts, I’ll admit that this is one of his better efforts with a truly inspired and demented final act. Between the reveal of Fred, Jane’s insane daughter coming to visit and even the Pieces-esque shock ending, all of the build-up really pays off at the end. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a movie where pieces of a dead lover are served in a stew to a blind man and the woman who has kept making love to parts of him. So, I guess, that’s a kind review for Lamberto!

You can check this out on Shudder.

3 thoughts on “Macabre (1980)

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  2. SPOILER ALERT! I loved the grand guignol finale.Robert finds his way to the locked refrigerator and finds Jane’s lover’s head but when he tries to warn Lucy and she finds it she isn’t upset ,tells Robert and he’s crazy and delusional and calmly cooks part of his ear to go with dinner,follows her horrified mom to the bathroom and taunts her that she’s nuts and everyone knows it and will be committed and then Lucy confesses she drowned her brother on purpose but noone will believe it if Jane tells anyone.Jane strangles her daughter and drowns her in the bathtub when Robert tries to get upstairs,Jane knocks him out.She races into the bedroom,puts the head on the pillow and starts masturbating and humping the mattress.Robert enters and she attacks him and he kills her by throwing her face on what appears to be a portable microwave.Her face is nuked and she dies.Robert finds his way to the bed and to the head…and it bites him!!! We are told Robert was found dead with the others but no cause of death could be determined.


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